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Commerical Roofing Contractor - New Brunswick, NJ

The best New Brunswick, NJ commercial roofing contractors

Century Roofing is fully licensed, insured and bonded commercial and industrial roofing contractors. Our team of highly trained roofing contractors adheres to the strictest safety standards. All work areas are cornered off and any debris is removed safely from the site.

Our specialties include commercial roofing and industrial flat roofing in New Brunswick, NJ. We also offer residential roofing services and have a team of mobile home roofing contractors who are capable of installing or re-roofing a mobile home.

Commercial roofing contractors that work at any time to suit your needs

Refitting a commercial roof can be a massive undertaking that impacts negatively on your business. We believe that refitting a commercial roof should not affect the hours you are able to do business. Our skilled roofing contractors are available on weekends, early mornings and at night. This means we can get the job done without interfering with your business trading hours. Get in touch at let us know when is best for you to have your commercial roof refitted or repaired.

We are the Industrial flat roofing specialists

Century Roofing has years of experience sealing and waterproofing flat roofing systems. Flat Roofs are designed by resting a flat slab on ceiling joists. The slap is covered with a waterproof membrane. It is important that the slab is pitched slightly so as to allow the water to run off and not pool on the roof.

There are many types of covering membranes available. Our experienced commercial and industrial roofing contractors in New Brunswick, NJ will help you choose the best type to suit your application and budget. It is important to remember that an industrial flat roofing system, if not installed correctly, will have to be redone - there is no room for error with flat roofing. You can rely on Century Roofing to get the job done right the first time!

Commercial industrial roofing emergency repair.

We are on call around the clock to do any emergency repairs of severe leaks or damage caused by the weather - or anything else. It is imperative that any damage to a roofing structure is repaired immediately. It will end up saving you thousands of dollars. Dont hesitate to give us a call anytime!

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